The Registrar Office

The Registrar’s Office aims to support the instructional mission of the University through managing the student records data base, facilitating course registration, scheduling of classes, issuing of final examinations schedule, issuing transcripts and certificates , auditing degrees, administering catalogue production, and maintaining the integrity, accuracy, and privacy of all academic student records.
We accomplish our mission by striving toward service excellence in everything we do, challenging ourselves to be as efficient and effective as possible in our work, and seeking out new and better ways of doing business for ourselves and the community we serve.


Admission Office

Role :
1- Assists you to fill all kinds of applications.
2- Prepares announcements & arrangements for the students’ registrations & courses.
3- In charge of receiving applications to various academic units at the undergraduate and at the graduate level.
4- Monitor the academic load for students in accordance with the instructions, follow-up the add, withdraw, and-drop procedures.

Admission Requirements

Applicants wishing to apply to SUC for undergraduate studies can apply online or can submit a paper application as follows:
1-Fill the application.
2- Include the following documents in the application:
-Official Exam equivalent
-Photocopy of ID or passport
-Passport size photo

* P.S. Applications are available online and at the Admissions Office.


Admission Deadline

Please check academic calendar for admission deadlines.


Registration requires an appointed date whereas late registration is subjected to a late registration fee. A registration guide will be available to all students before the beginning of the semester. The guide includes the names of advisors and their location, the dates for preliminary and final registration.
The below steps must be completed respectively:
1. New students receive letters of acceptance from the Registrar’s Office.
2. Students will collect their contract sheets from the Registrar’s Office.
3. Students consult with their advisor to select courses.
4. After courses have been selected and the contract sheet was assigned by the advisor, the student proceeds to the Accounts Section for the payment of fees.
5. Identification cards are issued to all students upon completion of registration.