About the Faculty of Business Administration

We are glad that you have chosen the Faculty of Business Administration at Sidoon University College. The Faculty develops successful leaders in the field of business. This is why we exist. We benefit from a mix of brilliant people among our faculty, students, alumni and staff. We aim to operate to the highest standards in all what we do.

Those who enroll in the Faculty of Business Administration can be sure that they will be able to face the challenges of the future as the Faculty provides challenging, international and highly enjoyable experiences. Such experiences and lessons help students advance in their careers. We are honored to have you as new members of Sidoon University College.


Where do you see yourself?

Are you interested in starting up your own venture and running your own company? Would you like to learn how to analyze the stock market and manage investment portfolios to help your clients prosper? Have you ever thought about running advertising campaigns or leading companies in their strategic planning?

There are so many possibilities out there; whatever your career ambitions are, we are confident that our undergraduate and programs will help you gain the knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and experience you need to realize your potential and bring you closer to making your dream career come true.