The Dental Laboratory Technology DLT" combines the art and science of the dental world. lt is the art and science of custom oral prosthesis in fabricating devices for the replacement of natural teeth damaged or missing order to improve dental health function and aesthetic.The dental prothesiste takes on significant responsibility as a member of the dental health care team. A career as a dental prothesiste offers a wide range of challenges. Since each dental patient's specific needs are different, the duties of a den prothesiste are comprehensive and varied.

Although the diagnosis and treatment of the patients is the duty of the dentist, the making of the functional dental parts in line with the principles of health and artistry falls to the specialist denta laboratory. Although dental laboratory specialist may not work directly with patients, the directly with the dentist by following detailed written instructions and using impressions of the patient's teeth or oral soft tissues. From these impressions they create different kind of restorations.


The Undergraduate Program 

The program offers a full-time curriculum. The dynamic program includes a course schedule that contains theoretical and practical classes. It is designed to introduce, develop and reinforce academic knowledge, skills and attitude need for the job acquisitions.This three year course is designed to give students a high level of understanding and technical skills in fundamental and advanced laboratory procedures and concepts in different specialized areas:

 •  Crown and fixed partial dentures
 •  Removable complete denture
 •  Removable partial denture
 •  Orthodontic appliances Ceramics, plants, and CAD CAM system (Computer aided design Computer aided   manufacturer)

Instructions include courses in dental morphology, dental anatomy, occlusion, computer skills, language skills, business la and ethics, and dental laboratory management.

The dental laboratory program has a comprehensive health and safety program. Students will learn in a fully equipped laboratories representative of current industry standards that will facilitate student's ability to acquire needed technical skills and knowledge in a safe and healthy environment. They will be instructed by caring and experienced Institute.


Career Opportunities

A graduated dental technologist will be able to work in a dental lab constructing implants, crowns and other dental ceramic work.
He will work side by side with a dentist, making required moldes out of different materials, and it does not stop here; A dental technician can work in : 

 •  Dental Ceramist Assistant
 •  Orthodontic Band Maker
 •  Partial Design and Survey Technician
 •  Crown Ceramist
 • Denture Contour Wire Specialist

Due to the increase in dental technology, today dental lab technicians are highly requested in dental clinics, dental labs, dental product manufacturing companies or private dental offices.