The student attendance of courses shall be obligatory for all the academic courses which he has selected and which require an exam. In fact, the student shall not be authorized to sit for the exams of the academic course during which the absence hours shall exceed 20% out of the total number of hours of the theoretical course or of the practical one. The head of the department shall adjudge about the justified and particular cases of absence.


Regulation Of Carrying Courses

The maximum limit for carrying courses as for students is of 18 credits; the condition of carrying these credits shall be determined by the College Board of Directors.


Changing The Course After Registration

To add or drop a course after registration, the student shall have to get an application from the admission office titled (Drop & Add Form) signed by the supervising professor.

In case the student has drop a course during the legal admission period, he would not get a grade on such course; in case of his withdrawal after such period, he would be given the grade W. The student shall have not the right to drop the course after passing of twelfth week of study for the two semesters of spring and fall. As about students who would withdraw after such period, they shall obtain the grade F.

The student shall not have as well the right to withdraw from attending the course for more than twice, while the third withdrawal would result in the automatic failure.

However, the students who shall drop the half or more than of the number of the registered courses during two successive semesters, shall be called for the office of guidance, and their guardians by nature shall be informed of the same through a written letter.


Drop of Student From College

If the student desires to drop out from the College for any reason and temporarily or permanently, he should fill out the special form existing in the admission office, and obtain the administration agreement.

However, the student who has dropped out from the College after the admission period and before the end of the twelfth week, shall be given the grade W in all the taught courses.


Transferred Students

Upon the student transfer from a recognized higher learning institution to the College, a transcript shall be delivered to him and shall fill out a special application about the same in the admission office of the Department of Students Affairs together with the following documents:

·      Photocopy of his identity card or passport.

·      Three photos.

·      The General Lebanese Secondary Diploma, the Lebanese Technical Baccalaureate or their equivalent.


The head of the department shall consider the courses which the student shall transfer; in that consideration the conditions stipulated in the College regulations and the public regulations coming into force.


Classification Of Students

The students who pursue their education to obtain the bachelor’s degree shall be classified according to the following: 


Credit Hours


0 to 30


31 to 60


60 and 105

The student whose total registered credits are 12 or more in one semester shall be considered as a regular full-time student; he shall be considered a part-time student if he has registered with less of 12 credits in the semester.

The maximum number of credits in which the student shall be authorized to be registered in one semester is 18 credits according to conditions which the College Board of Directors shall specify.

The students who have the grade Incomplete or who have an academic warning will not be allowed to register with more than 12 credits.



  1. Exams and periodic assignments shall be made about the academic courses within the academic semester and final exams at the end of each semester. The details of the exams procedure, the percentage destined to each ones of the same, and the percentage of the student attendance and activities, shall be issued by decision of the Board of Directors.
  2. The student must be present in due time on the fixed time of exam; it shall not be permitted to the student to enter to the exam hall if his delay exceed half an hour as of the time of the exam beginning; a permission to enter to the exam hall must be obtained in this respect from the head of the academic department; the student who has delayed to be present shall not benefit from any additional time in the course of exam; any student shall not be allowed to go out of the exam hall half an hour before the exam beginning.



  1. The student shall be evaluated with a numerical grade for each subject, and points out of four, and with the level (Grade) which shall be symbolized by letter and by a numerical average out of four (GPA); the grades system shall depend on a group of codes within the scope of (GPA).
  2. It is stipulated to pass the main subjects of the major to obtain an average equal to 2 or more out of four; to pass the other courses, it is stipulated to obtain an average which shall be equal to one or more out of four.


Grades and Codes

The system of grades in the College depends on a group of letters to which points shall be destined within the (GPA) system:

A 4 96-100
A- 3.7 91-95
B+ 3.33 87-90
B 3 84-86
B- 2.7 81-83
C+ 2.3 77-80
C 2 74-76
C- 1.7 71-73
D+ 1.3 67-70
D 1 64-66
D- 0.7 61-63
F 0 Below 60

The following grades shall not enter in the calculation of the (GPA):

CR: Credit

NC: No Credit

The codes are:

W: Course Withdrawal

Ws: Student Withdrew From The University

X: Temporary Delay Of Course Grade

I:  Incomplete Course

-: Course Is Continuing:

S: Unsatisfactory

#: Grade was not submitted in time for this report

Z: Student is registered on the Credit/No Credit or PASS/FAIL BASIC

U: Audit

R: Repeated Course


Academic Incentives

The graduation degree shall be awarded with the grade of honor as follows:


Cumulative  GPA


3.0 - 3.32


3.33 - 3.69

High Distinction

3.7 - 4


Disciplinary Procedures 


Levels of disciplinary procedures

The disciplinary procedures shall be distributed on the following levels:

  • Written warning or reprimand.
  • Expulsion from the University for a period ranging between 3 and 15 days.
  • Deprivation from the right of admission in the College for a period of an academic semester or more.
  • Final expulsion from the College.


Authorities having the powers of taking disciplinary procedures

The Authorities which have the powers of taking disciplinary procedures indicated in the article above are:

  • The head of the department in case of expulsion for a period of 3 days, and in case of expulsion for more than three days.
  • The Board of Directors in case of deprivation from the right of admission for a period of an academic semester or more.
  • The Board of Directors in case of final expulsion from the College.


The student against him a decision of expulsion has been taken for one academic semester or more, or a decision of final expulsion from the College, shall be able to submit an objection before the Board of Directors within a deadline which shall not exceed 15 days as of the date on which he has been informed through the College administration; that shall be done on condition that his objection includes new elements justifying the same.