History of S.U.C


S.U.C. is an institution of higher education which grants academic degrees in various subjects and typically provides undergraduate education. S.U.C. was first established in year 2000 with Presidential Decrees 847 & 3585.

Our award-winning faculty members are renowned for working closely with students to solve major scientiļ¬c, technological and societal challenges. We put a strong emphasis on creating things—from art to robots. Our students are recruited by some of the world’s most innovative companies.

Over the years the University has adapted in order to be in a position to respond to the needs of students, by implementing a single student targeting method, were each student is involved in the ongoing lecture.

 We continue this tradition today and have ambitions for a future that will embed our work and recognition on the international stage.
Universities are never complete. They develop as new challenges and opportunities occur. At Sidon we innovate, we push the frontiers of understanding; we ask new research questions, we turn theory through experiment into practice – because that’s what great universities do.


Quality We Are Proud OF



  • Building competitive careers for our students and our staff.
  • Transforming lives of our students through the provision of a high quality educational experience within an academic community, which promotes learning and personal development.
  • Raising aspirations of our students to become independent and critical learners, to achieve their full potential and to make valuable contributions to society.


Our Vision is to be

  • An accessible, transformational and innovative provider of high quality Lebanese higher education courses in Business and Dental Laboratory Technologies as measured by our students, staff, academic partners, and stakeholders.


Our Values are

  • Accessibility and Supportiveness - Providing equal and fair access to higher education for those who can demonstrate the ability to succeed.
  • Excellence and Ambition - Continuously improving and enhancing our students educational experience.
  • Serving - Promoting an inclusive servant led community within which all our students and staff actively serve the needs of others.
  • Openness, Transparency and Honesty - Operating ethically and with integrity in all our dealing with our students, staff, academic partners, and stake holders.